We are pleased to announce that the National Oilheat Research Alliance will resume full operations in 2014, after Congress decided to extend the program by five years.  This will provide an opportunity for retailers of oilheat to pay the $.002 per gallon fee, and ensure a strong future for oilheat.  The fee collections will begin April 1, 2014.


Heating oil retailers are typically small, family-owned businesses and find themselves competing against large, government-supported utility companies and the political infrastructure that supports it.  The only direct benefit provided to the oilheat industry by the federal government was a small appropriation (less than $1 million on average) to support research at a national laboratory.  Of these limited fund, significant amounts were used to support the Department of Energy infrastructure, and very few funds were used to develop meaningful product improvements for heating oil consumers. 

During the late 1990’s, Oilheat industry participants determined that a small appropriation directed by Washington was not going to provide the way forward for the industry.  The industry wanted to be responsible for its future, and provide better products and services to its customers. 

Why a Check-Off Program:

From this goal, the industry developed and Congress authorized the National Oilheat Research Alliance, which is a check-off program that allows industry – not the government - to support and fund critical initiatives for oilheat businesses, technicians, and consumers. Benefits of the structure include:

1.      Parity with other energy sources: Electric and gas utilities are essentially state-run monopolies that allow for uniform assessments to fund R&D and consumer education activities.  Propane, a competing fuel, successfully implemented a similar check-off program and self-assessments to engage in these activities and improve its competitive position prior to the oilheating industry considering this approach.  The heating oil industry decided that a limited self-assessment would help level the playing field with the large competing utilities, improve the ability of the industry to compete, and thus provide additional value to consumers.


2.      Efficient and fair collection mechanism:  A small, uniform assessment was developed that allows wholesalers and retailers to work cooperatively without violating anti-trust laws. 


3.      Efficient use of resources: the efficient collection mechanism allows management of the program to be small and limited and utilize existing industry resources to focus the program’s efforts on critical activities such as R&D, consumer education, and technician training.


4.      Zero Government Spending: Federal appropriations ended shortly after NORA’s R&D program became operational.  NORA is 100% funded by the industry. 


Why Government Authorization:


Federal government involvement is limited to empowering the industry to develop an efficient and effective self-assessment program that allows the smallest retailer and the largest wholesaler to work cooperatively, and without fear of violating anti-trust laws.

The program has essentially no government involvement and provides tremendous benefits to both the industry and its consumers. In fact, NORA’s initiatives have helped to reduce Oilheat consumption by 30% over the last decade, which amounts to nearly $600 in annual savings per customer.

Low-Sulfur Study

A field study was conducted on ultra-low sulfur product.Essentially, several dealers and households would use the 15 ppm product.This study would essentially be used to determine whether the product when used without careful supervision, not under test conditions, results in unanticipated problems.

The heating oil industry, worked closely with state governments from Maine to Maryland, on a plan today aimed at improving air quality in the region by moving toward a low-sulfur fuel in the coming years. This plan as been adopted by the Mid-Atlantic Northeast Visibility Union (MANE-VU), a multi state organization whose goal is to improve visibility.

These steps will help improve air quality in the Northeast as emissions of sulfur dioxide from burning heating oil fall to nearly zero; the elimination of sulfur in fuel will eliminate much of the maintenance associated with oilheat equipment, allowing it to maintain its high level of efficiency for longer periods.

March 18th Oilheat Conference

Key officials met for the Second National Oilheat Industry Conference and Policy Summit took place on March 18th in Washington, DC. The goal of the summit is to develop a strategic plan for the future of the oilheat industry. The goal of Thursday’s meeting is to develop consensus and strong support for the heating fuel product of the future – a low carbon and clean burning alternative.

(Below are PDF versions of the power points/presentations given, click on the name of the presenter to view their presentation)


Congress has not acted on an extension of the NORA fee.As a result, the NORA fee of $.002 per gallon will be suspended.This letter is to ensure that you are aware of that suspension.Pursuant to this suspension, no payments of the NORA fee are due after midnightFebruary 6, 2010.

As a result, the first quarter assessments for 2010, will now be only partial payments and will cover the period from January 1, 2010 through February 6, 2010.The payments will be due in accordance with the normal cycle ofApril 25, 2010. We will maintain updates on this subject on our website we will of course notify you by mail if any changes develop.

The Board of Directors has put a plan in place to maintain a high level of service through 2010.During the coming months, NORA will work to ensure that Oilheat consumers continue to receive information on oilheat’s great value, and that critical research that will advance the quality of our product will continue.

For further information contact,– Traci Ross– John Huber


Fuel Savings Analysis Calculator

Homeowners, calculate what you could save.

With the high price of heating oil, some homeowners are thinking about replacing an old oil boiler for a more efficient one to save money. Use the Fuel Savings Analysis Calculator, driven by extensive research data collected by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory, to compare the efficiency and cost of operating a new oil- or gas-fired hydronic home-heating system, before you invest in one for your home.

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Directly above, click on the on the, “Click Here”, link to download the latest version of the FSA Calculator. Once you click the link, a download dialog box will appear on the screen, click the save button to save the file to your hard disk drive. Once you save the file in the preferred place, the download will begin. When the download is complete, another download dialog box will appear with three buttons, open, open folder and close; click the open button. Your FSA calculator will open and you can begin with testing efficiency. If you should run into any problems please contact Traci Ross at 703-340-1660 or

Warning: The Fuel Savings Analysis Calculator requires the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework software package (or more recent version). If this package is not installed on your computer, the installer will download and install it for you.

Bioheat® Heating Oil Website and Hotline
This website is for dealers and homeowners to get all the information they need about Bioheat® heating oil. The hot line is for the benefit of fuel dealers and wholesalers who may encounter problems in the field with Bioheat® heating oil or Biodiesel. Please visit the Bioheat® heating oil website at or call the Bioheat Hotline at 1-877-251-5463.

New NORA Technician Patches
The National Oilheat Research Alliance has launched a new up-to-date flame as the company's corporate identity. The NORA flame is the primary symbol representing NORA during the last 5 years. The NORA logo is being modernized into a metallic version that will be displayed on NORA products and it will be used on new patches for NORA certified technicians. The move to the updated flame is a key component of NORA’s revitalization strategy. NORA partnered with Don Farrell to make the new NORA Patch come alive.
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My NORA Video
“My NORA Video” is a website that allows technicians to view training videos online instantly. This means that customers, of the NORA Store, no longer have to wait for their training DVD to arrive by mail; they can now view training DVD’s online immediately. NORA training videos 1-17 are available online, as well as NORA’s customer service video.


NORA's Budget for 2010
The National Oilheat Research Alliance has released the budget for the 2010 fiscal year. That budget plan, according to the Act, shall include the probable costs of all programs, projects, and contracts. This document below, constitutes NORA’s initial proposed budget for calendar year 2010, for which public comments are sought.


Customer Service Training
NORA is proud to announce the release of our newest product- NORAED V15, “Supporting Your Customers in the Face of Rising Oil Prices.” This Customer Service Training Video is available online and can be purchased in DVD format through the NORA store. NORA has also prepared guidelines for using the video and a sample telephone script, both of which should be customized for your company’s needs.

NORA developed this educational video to assist your employees in addressing your customers concerns about rising oil prices. Click this link to see suggestions for using the video, and a sample script.



The NORAED Customer Service Video can be viewed or downloaded at the link below

Technician Certification Silver Review


NORA makes headway with devising new approach to measuring efficiency.

Brookhaven Study Uncovers Need to Retool Boiler Energy Efficiency Programs.

NORA Develops Training Material for Insurance Industry

National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) has combined efforts with the Institute for Business & Home Safety and prepared an Insurance Primer to educate agents.

The length of the presentation is 30 m
inutes, and includes slides and audio. The purpose of the material is to educate the insurance industry about improvements in tanks and the industry's efforts to reduce problems.

NORA Newsmemo
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NORA R&D-Fact Finding Report on Biodiesel Blend

NORA R&D - Outreach Generates Innovative Equipment & New Products poised to enter Market.

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Information About Oilheat

The attached PDF provides information about oilheat in the various states, market share, number of employees, amount of sales.

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FORM 782A Retail Refund Request
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FORM 782C For Prime Wholesaler/Supplier

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